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EP. 55: What This Grammy Nominee Learned From Losing Everything.

In this month's P.S. Younger Self x Hub Dot's monthly collaboration series, we spoke with Delano Johnson, an international speaker, authority on personal and professional creativity and a Grammy nominee on the transformational experience he went through when, at one point, he said he lost everything in his life.

Listen to the episode here:

Delano shares his journey of inner work, identifying how to harness the right opportunities, the toxic relationships and habits that may be holding you back and how to capitalize on being creatively different. He is passionate about helping artists, entertainers, entrepreneurs and creatives on how to manage and maximize their creative genius, which he spells out like a blueprint manual in his best-selling book called Refuse to Live Talented & Broke.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • The genesis of Delano's story and how and when he knew he had a creative genius

  • The four steps of reprogramming your language to create the future you want

  • How to identify and tap into your creativity

  • The step by step six part blueprint on how to manage and monetize your creativity

  • Understanding how you manage your relationships is correlated to how you manage your money habits

And so much more.

To learn more about Delano Johnson and get his book Refuse to Live Talented & Broke, click here.

Connect with Delano on Instagram and Clubhouse @delanoajohnson

And to learn more about Hub Dot, click here.

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