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EP. 56: P.S. Younger Self, Chase Your Curiosity

How often do you flex your curiosity muscle?

Listen to the episode here:

I've always had a proclivity to chase my curiosity. And when someone asks me to describe myself in one word, it would always be "curious." So my curiosity got me thinking what makes us curious, what gets triggered in our brain when we're curious and is there a reason we want to be more curious?

What I discovered was fascinating and sheds a little light on why you'll want to flex your curiosity muscle on the regular. For example, curiosity:

chase your curiosity
Curiosity did NOT kill the cat!
  • Increases your happiness and is linked to positive emotional wellbeing

  • It strengthens your relationships

  • And, it is key to learning and boosts achievement

Hear more on how curiosity is linked to happiness, better relationships and boosts achievement and the fascinating way our brain reacts to curiosity. Don't forget to follow P.S. Younger Self on IG here or Chris on IG here.

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