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EP. 58: Understanding Holistic Nutrition

It's not just about incorporating more whole foods into your diet.

It's about understanding that nutrition is one piece of the puzzle of your overall health where everything you consume creates a chain reaction in your body's ecosystem.

Danielle Ryan Brioda

It's like thinking of our body like a tree. When we nourish the roots, even if the leaf is falling off and dying, it's not that the leaf needs to be sewn back onto the tree. It's that the roots need the right nutrients and when the roots have the sufficient nutrients, the leaf gets stronger and doesn't have the disease anymore. It's the same with our bodies.

But why holistic nutrition?

Because we are all very different, genetically to our unique environmental stressors, we need to consider looking at our nutrition through the lens of our bio-individuality. This is a concept that there is no prescriptive, one-size-fits-all approach to any diet or nutrition plan. Holistic nutrition takes bio-individuality into consideration to get to the root of the issue in our health journey or just a path towards more vitality and overall improved wellbeing.

How does it work?

A holistic nutritionist like Danielle will conduct a full intake taking into consideration your bio-individuality (everything from your physical, emotional and spiritual attributes of your lifestyle). Then, the holistic nutritionist will determine your body type by examining which of the four basic temperaments - warm/cold and moist/dry your body fits. Each person has a baseline of temperature and moisture level. Just by determining these basic fundamentals of your unique body type can say a lot about the type of food and nutrients your body needs and is better suited to you to bring you into balance.

But this is just scratching the surface of understanding holistic nutrition and lifestyle. To discover more with Danielle Ryan Brioda in episode 58, listen here.

And, connect with Danielle here.

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