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After 15 years of chasing job titles and promotional raises in the corporate world, I realized I wasn't chasing what really mattered to me. And, I had started to lose control over my true destiny. So after years of climbing the corporate ladder in one of the most iconic cities in the world, New York City, and even working with some A-list celebrities, I quit everything in summer of 2019 to pursue a new chapter aligned with my authentic self. I vowed to chase every one of my dreams, not bound by any other factor besides my inner compass. This journey led me to move to Europe to fulfill one of my biggest (and a 20 year) dreams and to have more meaning in my work by inspiring men and women to always live fully in the present and always on their own terms. 

This new life mission led me to launch P.S. Younger Self, a platform and community to share wisdom from inspirational entrepreneurs, coaches, creatives and thought leaders from around the world to help more people crush their fears, optimize their lifestyle and live their most fulfilling lives. 

When I'm not sparking new conversations with thought leaders, I'm strategizing digital stories for consumer brands. 

I love connecting with our audience so I invite you to find me on IG and say hi @chrisohcoh.

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